BROOKFIELD, CT, (July 24, 2023) – In stark contrast to the dysfunction and inability of the Brookfield GOP to endorse a candidate for First Selectman last week, the Brookfield Democrats gathered Monday night to endorse, unanimously, a highly qualified and experienced team of candidates for the upcoming municipal election. They chose to bring people together and put Brookfield first, endorsing Steve Dunn for re-election with Bob Belden—the former Republican Board of Finance Chair and Board of Education Chair, who is now an independent. 

The Democrats’ caucus offered a different vision for A Better Brookfield: one that is run smoothly, brings people together, and is rooted in experience. 

“This team is exactly what’s needed to build a better Brookfield,” said Steve Dunn. “Over the past 18 months, we’ve seen projects that were initiated under my Administration come online, a lot of vitriol by elected officials, and very little movement on new projects due to dysfunction and mismanagement in Town Hall. Our team has a proven record of delivering for residents, and Bob Belden and I will get Brookfield back on track.”

Board of Finance Chair, Glenn Rooney (R) is enthusiastic about the bipartisan team of Steve Dunn and Bob Belden: “I know both the Dunn and Carr administrations from experience. Steve Dunn always put the best interests of the town first—always before partisan politics. We need some of that again, and Steve and Bob are the right guys for the job. It’s exciting to see Brookfield come together again and move forward.”

Board of Education member, Amy Foster (U) echoed those sentiments. “Steve and Bob bring rational and collaborative decision-making to the table, every time. This is the most qualified team imaginable, and I’m proud to see us nominate four independent voters. It’s time every voter had a voice in local government.” 

The Team for a Better Brookfield

First Selectman
Steve Dunn (D)

Bob Belden (U)

Town Clerk
Andrea DiStephan (D)

Town Treasurer
John Lucas (D)

Board of Education
Stephanie Sikora (U)
Wendy Youngblood (D)

Board of Finance
Brian Hoffmann (U)
Sean Hathorn (D)

Planning Commission
Scott Dale (D)
Courtney Knapp (D)

Zoning Commission
Jeff Kass (D)
Anthony Papucci (U)
Sean Turner (D)

Zoning Board of Appeals
Richard Briggs (D)
Elijah Huling III (D)

Board of Assessment Appeals
Julie Kerton (D)
Shannon Riley (D)

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