Steve Dunn, Bob Belden Announce Historic Run for Office

Steve Dunn, Bob Belden Announce Historic Run for Office
Duo forms bipartisan team to restore experience and common sense to elected office

BROOKFIELD – Former First Selectman Steve Dunn, a longtime Democrat, and former Board of Finance Chairman and current Board of Education Chairman Bob Belden, a longtime Republican (and currently unaffiliated), announced their run for First Selectman and Selectman today. 

After two years of missteps by current First Selectman Tara Carr, the duo have pledged to put Brookfield back on track. 

Steve Dunn said, “I’m running because we need to get Brookfield moving forward again. The past two years have seen extremism that seeks partisan rancor over bipartisan resolve. Progress comes about by bringing people together, by listening, and by putting politics aside for the common good. I’m excited to have Bob Belden as my running mate. He is highly respected and has integrity second to none. His experience will be invaluable to Brookfield’s future.”

“The progress  Brookfield saw under Steve Dunn’s leadership was simply tremendous, and I look forward to working with Steve to move Brookfield forward in the most positive way.  It’s time to put Steve behind the wheel again,” said Bob Belden. “I look forward to bringing a unique perspective to the Board of Selectman that comes through my decades of experience on the Board of Finance and Board of Education.”

“As an Independent voter, I am truly uplifted by the collaborative efforts of Steve and Bob. Witnessing leaders from diverse political ideologies come together to seek common ground fills me with great optimism. It’s high time for politicians in Washington to take inspiration from their example,” expressed Dawn DeCosta, a longstanding resident of Brookfield. 

Steve Dunn served as Brookfield’s First Selectman from 2015 to 2021. Prior to his service to Brookfield, he worked as an executive in finance and banking. 

Bob Belden served on the Brookfield Board of Finance from 2003 to 2011 (serving as Chairman for two years) and on the Board of Education from 2015 to 2023 (serving as Chairman for 4 years). Bob was a longtime Vice President at IBM before his retirement in 2022.

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