Opposition to 5G Cell Tower Project

Senator Blumenthal, Senator Murphy and Congresswoman Hayes should know that despite what this letter suggests, First Selectwoman Tara Carr does not represent all of Brookfield in her opposition to the proposed 5G cell tower project. There is in fact support from our constituency, including our Fire Chief, as he has publicly stated in a recent Newstimes article.

And despite her assertion of a “growing mountain of data that shows harm…”, there is no conclusive evidence of this. In fact, the opposite is true. This review at Nature.com showed no confirmed evidence that low-level RF fields above 6GHz such as those used by 5G network are hazardous to human health. Countless other studies have found similar conclusions.

Aside from the obvious benefits of better cell service to our residents, the proposed tower would allow our Fire and EMS to install much needed communications equipment upgrades without having to spend millions of taxpayer dollars on a dedicated structure for such equipment.

And, while we agree that local representation on the Siting Council could be a benefit to our municipality and others, we stand in support of the proposed 5G cell tower project.

Read First Selectwoman Carr’s letter below.

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