Help to Improve I-84 Congestion in Brookfield with One Click.

If there’s one thing all Brookfielders can agree on regardless of political affiliation, it’s that traffic on I-84 in Brookfield is awful, particularly where Super 7 merges with Interstate 84.  The amount of time and money we all lose every day at this merge is immeasurable.

There is hope for change though.

The CT DOT has come up with at least 26 different ideas, or Concepts, that touch on various 84 improvement ideas.  For Brookfield, Concept 10 would finally address the congestion at the Super 7 merge.

Though Concept 10 made it through earlier rounds of the study, CT DOT did not include it as part of a recent public meeting, mislabeling it as redundant without fully appreciating its potential impact to the people and businesses of Brookfield.  Concept 10 would finally address Brookfield’s congestion by adding a lane at the Super 7 merge, something no other concept includes.

Concept 10 would be transformative for our morning commutes, and The Brookfield Democrats urge all residents to voice your support for it.  Please cast your vote and then forward this page to others.

Learn more about the project at

Since the DOT is soliciting feedback, we urge you to weigh in.  It’ll take a few seconds of your time, and will cost you nothing.  Just follow the link below, scroll to Concept 10, and vote yes (the small thumb’s up button on the page).  You can also leave a comment as to why you feel it’s needed.  That’s it.

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